Florida State & The Seminole Tribe of Florida

When determining whether or not to use artwork depicting individuals or people groups, Homefield consults a 3-point criteria:

  1. The artwork must honor the person/people group and not perpetuate a stereotype. 
  2. Any name associated with the depiction must not be derogatory.
  3. Ultimately, the person/people group in the artwork must approve of the depiction and associated verbiage.

Florida State - with primary athletic marks  honoring the Seminole Tribe of Florida - is the first Homefield school that meets all the above criteria, as:

  1. The University’s marks  honoring the Seminole Tribe of Florida do not perpetuate stereotypes.  In fact, the partnership with FSU is valued by the Tribe as a way to showcase its remarkable heritage and culture with those unfamiliar with the Tribe’s rich Florida history. 
  2. The associated language with the artwork - the words “Unconquered” and “Seminoles” - are out of reverence to the only Native American Tribe never conquered by the U.S. Government.
  3. The Seminole Tribe of Florida has approved all verbiage and depictions used by the University and its licensees.

Thus, in this launch there are products with Seminole imagery and verbiage , and we wanted to pull back the curtain on our decision-making process. In our goal to be the most thoughtful and people-centered college apparel brand, it is paramount to us to honor all people. Given that Florida State satisfies all 3 of the above criteria, we decided to implement artwork that honors the Seminole Tribe of Florida, and hope we can help tell their story through our apparel.