Virginia Tech's 2007 Bass Fishing National Championship

Photo courtesy: Larry Towell

We knew had to make a shirt for them when we heard the story of Virginia Tech's 2007 bass fishing national championship team.

In early 2007, Scott Wiley learned about College Bass Fishing from a friend of a friend; and the rest is history. Wiley would be new to college bass fishing but not the sport itself. So he quickly contacted the Virginia Tech Student Government Association and immediately started a new team.

Several days after the team was formed, they sent two teams to North Carolina State for a competition where Wiley's team won. From then on, he was on a crash course to a title. They were immediately on the map for college bass fishing.

A trip to the Arkansas River was up next, where 35 teams were out to claim the 2007 College Bass Fishing National Title. They finished Day 1 in second place and won Day 2. Still, scores canceled out each round, so each team remaining was even going into the finals.

Wiley and his team won the final day with 8 pounds, 8 ounces on four fish, and a national championship trophy, after navigating a rough Arkansas River that most teams weren't able to handle.

                                                          Photo credit: Bassmaster


But wait ... what is college bass fishing anyway? The US has 610 college bass fishing teams, with most club teams and a few varsity programs.

The first known college bass fishing tournament occurred between Purdue and IU on April 18, 1992, at Lake Monroe, Indiana. Purdue won the competition by three pounds. Boiler Up.


The official rules are as follows:

  • Two fishermen are allowed per boat.
  • Bass kept must be at least 12 inches in length (depending on the lake)
  • Five bass limit allowed per team at the weigh-in
  • .25 ounces deducted for each dead bass weighed in
  • One pound deducted for each short bass weighed in
  • One pound deducted for every minute late after weigh-in deadline time
  • Greatest overall weight of bass limit wins the event

And that folks, is your starter course on college bass fishing. So far we only have one fishing shirt on the site, but who is to say we won't make more for this wonderful sport. If you've got suggestions for other sports we should add, let us know in the comments!

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  • Ethan

    There are three different national championships for three different leagues Will

  • Ethan

    There are three different national championships for three different leagues Will

  • Will

    Texas A&M won the championship in 2007.

  • Joey Stephan

    This is very simple! Sickos Committee via Reddit posted all of the “non-NCAA” National Champs over the last year. The potential for legendary shirts from those posts alone will make Homefield hotter than Viagra upon its inception…..Please and Thank You

  • Soy

    Listen, that sounds like Purdue won the first ever collegiate bass fishing national championship. Train-fish shirt, please! Or Fishing Pete?! Boilermaker Special x Tracker Bass Boat collab? We believe in you to get the right thing on a comfortable shirt at a fair price!

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