Did you know NC State's mascots are married?

Photo Courtesy of the NC State Library

Mascots are essential to sports, particularly college sports, where they can become as popular as the team. Some schools even have two mascots, a male and a female representative. However, NC State is different. They have two mascots, and they are married. That's right. They're married.

So, how on earth does this happen?

Let's go back to halftime of a men's basketball game in Reynolds Coliseum in 1981. NC State was playing Wake Forest, and nearly 12,000 people were in the building. University Chancellor Joab L. Thomas walked Mrs. Wuf down to center court to meet Mr. Wuf.

But who would have the honor of officiating this mascot wedding? As fate would have it, NC State was playing Wake Forest, whose mascot is, of course, the Demon Deacon. Now, who is this Demon Deacon, you might ask?

Wake Forest's athletic name goes back to the 1920s when a reporter named the football team "Demon Deacons" after a "devilish" win over the now-known Duke Blue Devils. During that game, Wake Forest was the only school without a mascot. So, as many college legends go, a fraternity brother dressed up as an old-time Baptist deacon. The crowd loved it, and by 1980, the mascot had evolved into a full costume similar to what you see today.

There were also apparently two wolf children present. I have nothing else to add about that. I'm not sure why, but good for them.

Mr. and Mrs. Wuf have stayed strong since 1981, even renewing their vows thirty years later in 2011. The Demon Deacon was there again.

So congrats to the love birds. And go NC State.

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