Emblematic Episode 4: Steven Godfrey (Georgia Southern)
In Episode 4, we have on Banner Society's Steven Godfrey to talk about his love for Georgia Southern football and all of the program's unique traditions. Follow him on Twitter @38Godfrey and direct all complaints about this episode his way!...
Emblematic Episode 3: Are LSU's Purple Jerseys Cursed? With Chris Branch
Listen Apple Shopify Google Podcasts RSS   Objectively, LSU's purple jerseys are amazing. I mean, c'mon, go back to the top of the blog and look at those again. They are truly stunning, and I was stunned when friend of...
Emblematic Episode 2: Jason Kirk (Kennesaw State and Starting 5 Back Alley Team)
In our second episode, we bring on Banner Society's Jason Kirk to talk about his alma mater, Kennesaw State, as well as drafting a Starting 5 Back Alley Team comprised of collegiate mascots. Listen Shopify Google Podcasts RSS Apple: Coming Soon  ...
Emblematic Episode 1: Harry Lyles (UE and Georgia State)
In our inaugural episode, we bring on SB Nation's Harry Lyles Jr. to talk Georgia State, some Evansville Aces, and whether or not Ace Purple Will Steal Your Girl. Listen Shopify Google Podcasts RSS Apple: Coming Soon   PODCAST IMAGES:...
Ball State...Hoosieroons?
A quick story of how the Ball State Cardinals became the Cardinals.
Meaningful Design
Photo Courtesy of IU Bloomington Libraries Archives Team uniforms are a great way to understand the changes in clothing preferences over time. Take a look at these fantastic throwback uniforms from the 1953 Indiana University national basketball champions. Can you imagine...

We remember what it felt like to hear our voice echo among a thousand others as we belted out the fight song. We'll never forget our chance to wear that cap and gown and join a base of alumni. We know what it's like to see a fellow fan on the street and acknowledge your unity with a subtle nod. Here at Homefield, we know what it feels like to belong to something bigger than us. And we want you to know that you belong here, too.



Soft & Cozy

Some of the most frequent feedback we receive at Homefield is "Wow, I cannot believe how soft this t-shirt is." We aim for that reaction with every purchase, and we never settle for itchy, starchy, or uncomfortable garments. 

Our Design Inspiration
We love that each school and team has its own prided legacy and traditions. The bulk of our design process consists of researching decades of team history, learning the fight song, and talking to students.